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Industrial accident kills man at meat plant

Almost every job can pose a threat to employees if due diligence is not exercised by both worker and employer. Unfortunately, some occupations are inherently more dangerous, and there are many workers who are exposed to hazards such as a serious industrial accident, not all of which can be prevented. When these types of work-related accidents befall Missouri residents, those affected may have recourse to vital benefits and professionals who can assist them in obtaining them.

Industrial accident claims life of mechanic

While almost every job can include duties or conditions that may lead to work-related accidents or illnesses, there are certain fields that come with a higher risk to personnel safety. One of these employment fields encompasses factories and heavy duty equipment facilities, which often include the danger of a serious industrial accident. There are many such industries in Missouri, and there are likely countless workers who have suffered injuries in the normal course of carrying out their duties.

Officials investigating death of man killed in work accident

Construction work is both rewarding and dangerous for those who enter this field. In spite of safety precautions that employees may take, a deadly work accident can claim lives and leave others seriously injured. There are many Missouri residents who have either suffered injuries on the job or are aware of someone who has been injured.

OSHA fines company over repeat improper scaffolding, violations

Construction workers face many hazards due to the nature of the job and the tools required to complete their projects. Therefore, inspectors with OSHA often spend significant time and resources conducting safety inspections of these sites -- especially whenever there is an incident that results in a worker suffering serious injuries. Missouri companies are required to ensure that their employees are not at risk due to improperly prepared work sites.

Bipartisan efforts to secure funding for OSHA program

Many workplaces in Missouri and throughout the country pose a danger to the health and safety of workers. The vast majority of companies are subjected to regular inspections conducted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA. One little-known program offered by the federal agency is in danger of being discontinued due to a lack of funding.

OSHA involved after man falls from roof and dies

Working in construction and home improvement can be a risky undertaking. In spite on the precautions that one may take to avoid hazardous conditions -- as most Missouri workers know -- not every accident can be anticipated or prevented. When a serious workplace accident occurs, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, frequently conducts an investigation as a means of preventing further injuries in the future.

Inventor develops suit to help prevent industrial accident injury

Blue collar workers face any number of dangers during their work day. Those who work in factories may face a higher risk of injury from an industrial accident. Missouri has numerous factories that employ hundreds of workers who depend on these companies to provide for their families.

Worker rescued from trench collapse that buried him completely

Trenches represent some of the most hazardous areas in which workers in Missouri and other states can find themselves. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes strict regulations to protect the employees who need to work in these dangerous areas. Along with proper equipment, such as trench boxes or shored walls to prevent cave-ins, workers must have safe methods to exit excavations quickly in the event of an emergency such as an imminent trench collapse. Furthermore, a competent, adequately qualified person must evaluate the safety of the trench every day.

Industrial accident at ammunition factory kills 1, injures 4

A massive explosion rocked an ammunition factory in Missouri on a recent Tuesday afternoon. The industrial accident claimed the life of one employee and caused injuries to four others. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms immediately launched an investigation and determined that there was no foul play involved.

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