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Lawsuit alleges employer negligence lead to workers' death

By its nature, construction work can be a dangerous occupation. For this reason, the federal office of Occupational Safety and Health Administration has guidelines concerning how to conduct such operations as digging trenches. Unfortunately, there are occasions when suspected employer negligence has resulted in serious injuries to workers here in Missouri and elsewhere.

Worker suffers serious injuries in industrial accident

One of the most important industries is the manufacturing of parts and equipment for use in a wide variety of commercial applications. However, the nature of the job often entails the use of large machinery and hazardous conditions that could lead to a serious industrial accident. Missouri is home to several manufacturing plants, in which it is likely that workers have suffered significant injuries.

OSHA investigating after woman injured in work accident

No matter one's occupation, almost every work site has the potential to become dangerous under the wrong conditions. When the job at hand requires one to be off the ground, then the possibility of suffering injuries due to a fall increases. Missouri workers who have been injured in a work accident may qualify for benefits from the Workers' Compensation Insurance Program.

Investigation launched in response to fatal work accident

Those whose occupations involve industrial environments face hazardous conditions on a regular basis. Experienced workers take as many precautions as possible, but not every work accident can be foreseen and prevented. When these serious incidents occur, Missouri workers -- or their surviving families -- may be entitled to seek assistance from the workers' compensation program.

Outside employee victim of fatal work accident

Those who work in industrial and manufacturing plants face many hazards on the job. Even highly skilled and experienced employees can suffer serious or even fatal injuries in a work accident. Missouri workers who are employed in these fields are aware to the potentially dangerous nature of their occupation and strive to take precautions to protect themselves and others.

Man found dead after apparent industrial accident

No matter one's occupation, almost every workplace can contain hazards that can cause serious or even fatal injuries. In reality, there are some workplaces that pose a more serious risk of injuries to even the most experienced employees. Missouri workers who are employed in any type of manufacturing might face a higher probability of becoming a victim of an industrial accident.

Workplace accidents can result in serious, or even fatal injuries

No matter one's occupation, most employees work diligently to ensure that they follow all safety protocols to ensure both their safety and that of their co-workers. Unfortunately, even the most seasoned employees can fall victim to serious workplace accidents that can result in debilitating injuries or even death. Though the majority of Missouri workers attempt to avoid unsafe working conditions, not every accident can be foreseen and prevented.

Company fined for failing to protect workers from trench collapse

Those who supply contracting services for residential and commercial properties often face a variety of hazardous working conditions. Employers are expected to maintain a certain level of safety -- regardless of the project -- in order to ensure that workers are protected from harm, such as a potentially fatal trench collapse. Unfortunately, many Missouri workers have suffered serious work accidents when their employers failed to meet required standards.

Workers injured; 1 missing after serious industrial accident

Working in an industrial environment requires close attention to details and set protocols in order to reduce the risks of an injury befalling the workers. Unfortunately, even the most conscientious employees can become victims of a serious industrial accident. These types of accidents can leave Missouri workers with life-changing injuries.

Tragic accident on the job kills inmate on work release

Having a trade or a profession that one excels at can often make the difference when one is working to make a positive change in life. Sadly, when one works in the construction field, the possibility of a serious accident on the job can have tragic consequences. There are many Missouri families who have been forever changed when these accidents have taken the life of a loved one.

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