On Your Side After An Injury

Kansas City Lawyers Helping Slip-And-Fall Accident Victims

Property owners and managers are responsible for keeping their property safe for the public. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury after falling on property that was not properly maintained, you should contact the law firm of Kelly Law Office, P.C., in Liberty, Missouri, to speak with an attorney who will fight aggressively to recover the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

Many slip-and-fall accidents occur in public places such as shopping centers, office buildings, airports and parking garages. No matter where the accident occurred, our attorneys can investigate the incident and determine what happened. If the property owners and/or managers were negligent in any way, we will make sure they are held accountable.

Get Compensated After An Unsafe Premises Injury

Slip-and-fall accidents often result in serious injuries to the head and the back, and they can cause lasting effects on a person’s quality of life. The expenses of a hospital stay, miscellaneous medical bills, rehabilitation, lost work time or disability can be significant.

It is important to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after your accident. We conduct an investigation to determine if an owner failed to keep the property safe and clean, as well as if there is a history of similar accidents at that site.

Determining the extent of negligence involved is the most crucial aspect of slip-and-fall cases. We work to prove that a business failed to maintain a safe environment. Violations of health and safety codes, lack of warnings, insufficient security and other failures to maintain or fix unsafe conditions are sufficient grounds for compensation.

Questions About Slip-And-Fall Law And Your Rights?

Our Kansas City slip-and-fall attorneys welcome the opportunity to review the facts of your case during a free consultation and provide a straightforward assessment of the strength of your case. Call us at 816-760-2000 or email our firm to schedule an appointment.