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What makes manufacturing a dangerous career to be in?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2023 | Workplace Accidents

You could probably think of many things in response to that question. It involves working with heavy machinery and often in dangerous environments. There are many hazards to be watched out for every day and any number of things that could go wrong while working. 

Having said that, just what is it about manufacturing that makes it so much more dangerous than other professions? 

Heavy machinery is inherently dangerous 

It’s designed for heavy-duty use and therefore general operation of these machines comes with risk. A hand in the wrong place at the wrong time can have devastating consequences. Businesses are supposed to have thorough training and safety procedures in place to minimize risk as much as possible but this doesn’t always happen. As a result, machine operators are (unknowingly or unwillingly) carrying out dangerous maneuvers every day. The consequences depend on the type of machines and industry but can include electrocution, broken bones, burns, amputation and even death. 

It often involves repeated motions 

Manufacturing tasks usually mean repeating the same work over and over again every day. With this comes the risk of repetitive strain injury. At its worst, this can leave you completely unable to work and is likely to cause, in the least, discomfort all the way to unmanageable pain. You may also be required to lift and move heavy or cumbersome objects regularly throughout the day. This constant heavy lifting can cause back and joint problems, especially if proper training has not been provided on how to do this safely. 

Being injured in the workplace can leave you in a worrying and painful position where you’re unable to work. Seeking payment of workers’ compensation can help you with your financial burdens while you fully recover.