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Does my employer offer workers’ compensation benefits?

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2020 | Workplace Accidents

Workers’ compensation is insurance that your employer carries to provide you with benefits if you suffer an injury at work. According to the Missouri Department of Labor & Industrial Relations, your employer must carry this insurance if it has at least five employees.

There are exceptions and other requirements for specific types of employers.

Construction industry

Construction jobs are one of the most dangerous, and the law reflects this by requiring employers within this industry to carry workers’ compensation insurance if they have any employees at all.

The status of such employers, such as part-time or family members, does not matter as everyone working for the company counts as an employee. It also includes LLC members and corporate officers.


If you own a business yourself and are the only employee, then you do not need coverage regardless of industry. This also applies to close family members working as employees if you have an LLC.

Another exception is when employees receive federal coverage for workplace injuries. This would include postal workers and railroad workers.

Domestic servants, real estate agents, charitable organization volunteers and farm laborers also fall under possible exemptions. If you work in one of these positions, then your employer may not have to carry workers’ compensation insurance.


Your employer may self-insure, which means you would not go through the workers’ compensation system to file a claim but through the employer directly.

If your employer has no insurance coverage, even if it is exempt, then you have the right to sue for damages associated with the injury.

You can find out if your employer has coverage by asking directly or doing a search through the Department of Labor & Industrial Relations.