Accident Versus Repetitive Stress Injuries

Accident Versus Repetitive Stress Injuries

Workplace Accidents Vs. Repetitive Injuries

If you can no longer perform your work without pain — whether that work involves several hours of typing a day, a routine of bending and lifting heavy objects or just standing for extended periods of time — you may be suffering from the effects of a repetitive stress injury.

This type of problem is compensable under Missouri and Kansas workers’ compensation laws.

Repetitive stress injuries commonly occur in areas of the body such as the elbow, hand, wrist, forearm, back, knees and shoulders. The pain often progresses until it interferes with the employee’s ability to work or perform activities of daily living. Some well-known repetitive stress injuries include back injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, ganglion cysts, bursitis and loss of hearing.

Repetitive motion injuries are distinguished from traumatic injuries, which are the result of a single, identifiable occurrence or accident that causes the immediate or near-immediate onset of the injury or of symptoms of pain.

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A repetitive stress injury is caused in the same way as an occupational illness or a disease. It develops over time from continued exposure to working duties or conditions. People generally receive this diagnosis from their primary physician or from a specialist.

An injury suffered as the result of a single workplace accident usually is a straightforward workers’ compensation case. An injury that results from repeating the same motion over and over, such as an assembly line repetitive injury, can be more challenging to prove.

Because such injuries develop over time, it is not uncommon for employers and workers’ compensation insurance carriers to deny such claims initially and force the employee to fight to obtain benefits. Pinpointing the exact date of onset and/or disability in these cases is critical to collecting full and fair workers’ compensation benefits.

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