On Your Side After An Injury

When Workers’ Comp And Personal Injury Overlap

When your injury claim has elements of workers’ compensation and personal injury, you need an attorney who practices in both areas of the law. Our attorneys at Kelly Law Office, P.C., are equally experienced and successful in personal injury and workers’ compensation. We have more than 90 combined years of obtaining workers’ compensation benefits, along with personal injury settlements and trial verdicts, for clients in the Kansas City metro area.

Workers’ Comp Isn’t Always The Answer

There are times when an on-the-job injury is caused by a negligent third party. For example, say you are a delivery driver who gets into a crash with a distracted driver. Or you are a construction worker who gets badly hurt when someone working for another subcontractor acts recklessly with a backhoe. In cases like these, you may not qualify for workers’ compensation — but you may be able to sue the negligent party’s employer for damages.

Finding The Right Solution To Your Work Injury Bills

Our attorneys will act immediately to start preserving evidence of what happened to you and identifying which third parties should be held liable for your injuries. We know when workers’ compensation is the right way to get you your rightful compensation and when personal injury litigation is the best route. Once we have a strategy in place, we will draw upon our considerable knowledge of the law to deliver the highest possible financial restitution.

Workers’ Compensation? Personal Injury Claim? Talk About It With A Lawyer.

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