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OSHA reaches settlement with company, includes $200,000 fine

Any workplace can contain hidden hazards regardless of the type of business. In spite of the diligence that workers may practice, a lack of clear safety plans can result in injuries for employees for which OSHA may levy fines and issue citations. While every Missouri workplace must comply with set regulations, there is still the possibility that an accident can occur without warning.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently announced that it had reached a settlement agreement with an automobile auction house where a fatal accident had occurred last May. The federal agency conducted a thorough review of the tragedy. Afterwards, it cited the business for several safety violations and levied fines that totaled approximately $267,000. The company contested the fines, and an agreement was reached that will require it to pay $200,000 and correct the issues that lead up to the fatal incident.

One state defines injury prevention, workplace safety for hotels

Several years ago, union members for hotel housekeepers requested that the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health define standards for injury prevention. In response to that request, the agency recently released recommendations that are hoped will increase workplace safety for this class of employees. While Missouri has not yet followed suit, workers here could benefit from similar regulations.

According to Cal/OSHA officials, those who work in the hospitality services as housekeepers suffer more work-related injuries than most other employees. These injuries are often described as both cumulative and acute, and the numbers of those suffering injuries have steadily increased. For the first time, the agency has issued regulations that employers are required to institute in order to decrease the risk of injury for these employees.

Construction worker dies after most recent incident at work site

Missouri workers willingly acknowledge that the construction field is rife with opportunities for injuries. As a result, the vast majority of companies take steps to minimize the likelihood of serious mishaps that can result in injuries or death. Unfortunately, there will still be events that occur on job sites that will leave a construction worker with serious or even fatal injuries.

Sadly, there was a recent report of another worker suffering fatal wounds from a construction accident. The 56-year-old man was operating an excavator while on the site of a future casino. Somehow, construction materials became loose and crashed down onto the machinery's cab. The man was quickly transported to a nearby hospital where he was later pronounced deceased.

Company offers data on most common types of workplace injury

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that an average of one out of every 100 workers will miss time from a job due to a work-related injury. Based on its data, a business security company, CPI, recently published a list of the top eight most common types of workplace injury along with the average number of days missed. While not every accident can be prevented, Missouri employers may be able to enhance workplace safety in order to lessen the likelihood of these often costly incidents.

According to the data, the most common cause of work-related injuries is due to falls, tripping and overexertion. Those who are self-employed or work on smaller farms or private home businesses were not included in the survey. Though the injury rate may not appear to be alarming, the numbers of missed days and the costs to both workers and employers provides motivation for finding solutions to reduce injuries.

Industrial accident claims life of employee

Those who work in the manufacturing industry often face hazardous conditions on the job that require them to take certain precautions. Unfortunately, not every industrial accident can be foreseen and prevented. There are many Missouri workers who have suffered serious injuries while on the job through the regular performance of their duties.

Emergency responders were recently called to an accident that occurred at a Mohawk flooring manufacturing plant. According to the reports, the 59-year-old man was grievously wounded while on the job. It was reported that he was struck by an industrial-sized roller.

Tree care workers suffer high risk of on-the-job injury

In general, those who work in blue collar occupations are often considered to possess only average job skills. However, in many of these fields, workers must adapt to a variety of adverse conditions and have sufficient knowledge and experience with handling a variety of equipment in order to avoid the possibility of suffering a serious on\-the\-job injury. Countless laborers throughout Missouri provide a valuable service to consumers and the general public that may go unnoticed until a serious natural disaster occurs.

One of those under-appreciated but essential jobs is tree care and removal services. Those who are employed in the tree care field must have extensive knowledge of the different tree species along with experience in handling a variety of specialized tools and adverse working conditions. Studies have shown that, when these workers are not carefully trained, they experience a higher risk of suffering a serious or fatal work accident. Those who are employed by professional arborists are more likely to receive thorough training and have access to proper protective gear.

Family questions circumstances of fatal construction accident

Construction workers face a myriad of hazards in the normal course of their day. Though most employers and workers take proactive measures to protect against a serious construction accident, these tragic events still occur and can result in employees suffering devastating injuries or worse. There are many Missouri residents who have experienced these circumstances and have sought financial assistance through the state's workers' compensation program.

Recently, a man suffered fatal injuries while on the job when a 2-ton concrete pipe somehow broke free from the hoist that was moving it into position. According to sources, the 46-year-old victim was standing on the massive pipe as it was being moved. He then purportedly leaped from the pipe and was located beneath it at the moment it fell from the chain.

Woman creates app that can protect against work-related illness

Farmhands face many hazardous conditions, including those that are caused by extreme weather conditions. One of the more serious work-related illness problems that they face is caused by excessively high temperatures. One woman's recent creation may prove to be beneficial to agricultural employees here in Missouri.

This woman, who comes from a family of farm workers, recently developed an application that can be incorporated into an Apple watch. It is used to sense changes in the body temperature of the wearer, especially when the temperatures begin to rise. Once it detects an elevated temperature that could spawn a heat-related illness, it sends an alarm to the wearer.

Man critically injured at construction site accident

Construction workers face all manners of work environments and hazards in the normal course of their jobs. While the majority of incidents that can occur are minor in nature, there is always the danger of a serious construction site accident resulting in great physical harm. There are likely countless Missouri residents who have suffered a serious injury on the job through no fault of their own.

Recently, contractors were hired to renovate a historic site that had fallen into disrepair from years of neglect. As workers were engaged in removing debris and sending it into the construction site dumpster, the chute became clogged with debris. Two workers then climbed into the receptacle to clear the obstruction.

Man dies of injuries suffered while on the job

Certain occupations carry a higher risk of serious injury due in part to the working environment. Those who are engaged in road repair and construction face both the elements and danger from motorists. There are many Missouri residents who have suffered serious injuries while simply carrying out the duties required for their jobs.

Recently, a long-time employee of a state's Department of Transportation was injured while working to repair potholes. He had been employed by the agency for an estimated 14 years, and was a confident and knowledgeable employee. Unfortunately, as he was engaged in his duties, an 83-year-old driver arrived upon the work site and reportedly was not paying close attention to his surroundings.

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