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December 2014 Archives

Company cited after teenager dies in construction site accident

The U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited a Missouri construction company for multiple safety violations. The inspection followed the tragic June death of a teenager in a construction site accident. An area director of OSHA stated that it was unlawful to employ children and allow them to be involved in disassembling construction machinery.

Young man saved from imminent death in trench collapse

A trench is a man-made cut into the earth's surface, and trenching is among the most dangerous construction operations. Missouri employers are expected to do a proper analysis of various aspects in order to ascertain the methods that will be used to prevent a trench collapse. Such collapses cause multiple fatalities and hundreds of injuries every year.

Workplace injury suffered when worker's hand is caught in baler

All company owners in Missouri and other states are responsible for the safety of their workers. However, the safety hazards in smaller retail facilities are often overlooked. Emergency workers were recently called to a retail outlet in another state where a worker suffered a workplace injury.

Construction site accident traps 2 workers 30 feet underground

The dangers that construction workers in Missouri have to face every day are likely always on the minds of their loved ones. Considering the severity of injuries, and even fatalities often reported after construction accidents, the thought of one's loved one suffering life-changing injuries in a construction site accident will naturally create high levels of anxiety. Fortunately, the workers' compensation insurance fund aims to provide financial aid to injured workers and surviving families who lost loved ones in workplace accidents.

Falling truss injures men on scaffold in construction accident

Construction workers in Missouri who have suffered injuries in an on-the-job accident may have to face high medical bills and lost wages. In addition, there may be the uncertainty of not knowing whether they will be able to return to work because of debilitating injuries. However, most workers are covered by workers' compensation insurance that is intended to provide financial assistance to victims of a construction accident or any other workplace accident. Most work-related injuries are sudden accidents, and it is vital that victims receive immediate medical care.

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