On Your Side After An Injury

Falling truss injures men on scaffold in construction accident

Construction workers in Missouri who have suffered injuries in an on-the-job accident may have to face high medical bills and lost wages. In addition, there may be the uncertainty of not knowing whether they will be able to return to work because of debilitating injuries. However, most workers are covered by workers’ compensation insurance that is intended to provide financial assistance to victims of a construction accident or any other workplace accident. Most work-related injuries are sudden accidents, and it is vital that victims receive immediate medical care.

Two workers in another state recently suffered injuries while working on a construction site. At the time of the incident, the workers were reported to have been on some scaffolding while working at the second-floor level of a building under construction. While most scaffolding accidents involve workers falling from unsafe structures, these workers were injured by a truss that fell on them from a higher level. Fortunately, the injuries they suffered were not life-threatening, and they were transported to a local hospital. The construction company confirmed that it had notified the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Workers are typically barred from filing claims against their employers for an on-the-job accident, but they are entitled to claim benefits from the workers’ compensation fund. The advantage is that even if the injured worker was at fault, he or she can file a claim. Lengthy court cases are also avoided, but compensation generally covers medical expenses and lost wages, along with partial or total paralysis. If retraining for an alternative job is required, it may be covered by the benefits.

Missouri workers who have suffered injuries in a construction accident may feel intimidated by the complexities of the procedures for claiming benefits from the workers’ compensation insurance fund. It is not uncommon for workers to seek assistance from a legal professional who is experienced in helping injured workers to obtain fair compensation. Such a professional will guide work accident victims every step of the way and fight for their best interests in securing all available benefits.

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