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Company cited after teenager dies in construction site accident

The U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited a Missouri construction company for multiple safety violations. The inspection followed the tragic June death of a teenager in a construction site accident. An area director of OSHA stated that it was unlawful to employ children and allow them to be involved in disassembling construction machinery.

Investigators reported that the 16-year-old worker was positioned in a danger zone that lacked adequate markings. He was not provided with protective headgear as prescribed by OSHA, and he was out of sight of the operator of the crane. The boy was struck by the boom and cab of the crane when it was swung in his direction during disassembly. The young worker suffered fatal injuries.

OSHA determined that the company’s failure to provide training to teach workers how to recognize hazards played a significant role in the tragic death of the child. OSHA classified the violation as serious because the employers were aware of — or at least should have been aware of — the hazardous situation that could result in severe injury or loss of life. The company failed to provide hazard training, protective equipment and proper supervision.

The family of the young Missouri worker is likely devastated by the loss of their loved one in this construction site accident. While no amount of compensation will ever be able to fill the void in their lives, it may provide financial aid to cover end-of-life expenses. The family may claim death benefits from the workers’ compensation insurance fund. Compensation will likely cover the costs of a funeral and burial and may add a financial package based on the deceased worker’s salary level.

Source: waynecojournalbanner.com, “Poplar Bluff Company Cited for Safety Violations“, Dec. 24, 2014