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Halfway through summer’s 100 deadliest days

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Crashes

While accidents can happen any day or hour of the year, data shows that certain times have a higher prevalence of collisions that can inflict serious or even fatal injuries to drivers and their passengers.

As the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) reminds travelers, the “100 days of summer” that begin on Memorial Day weekend and run through Labor Day, are a period of enhanced danger for all who take to the highways and byways.

Why these months are so deadly

There are several reasons why this time is fraught with more danger than other months of the year. They include:

  • Inexperienced teen drivers – School’s out in summer, and that means that teens are on the roads more, traveling to and from summer jobs and on outings with their friends. They lack the experience to handle road emergencies and may be involved in avoidable crashes.
  • More folks are on the roads – Most people tend to take vacations with family and friends during the summer. They also get together frequently for day trips and nights out on the town while the weather cooperates.
  • Lots of highway construction and repairs – Missouri winters take a hard toll on our state’s highways and interstates. Summer is the perfect time to improve upon and fix the existing transportation infrastructure, so you’re guaranteed to see a plethora of orange work zones with slower speeds.

With more trucks and automobiles on the road now, it is just statistically more likely that car accidents will occur.

How you can stay safer this summer

The MSHP urges drivers to slow down, as higher rates of speed are linked to an uptick in traffic deaths. They also note that distracted driving contributes to many wrecks. All drivers should keep their hands on the wheel, eyes on the road and mind on the task at hand — arriving at their destinations safely.

If you get into an auto accident, learning more about your right to compensation from the at-fault driver can help you make informed decisions about your path to civil justice.