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Plumbers must deal with significant health dangers

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2022 | Workplace Safety

Careers such as firefighting, cutting down trees, electrical work and public utility work present everyday dangers that are widely known. There is one profession that packs a lot more hazards than might be obvious – plumbing. Plumbers must do things all the time that could potentially threaten their safety and put them in harm’s way.

Their responsibilities entail more than just fixing malfunctioning faucets and unclogging drains. They have to deal with harsh chemicals, sometimes work at high levels and cope with other dangers all the time. Even with the appropriate precautions and gear, plumbing is definitely a hazardous profession. Mishaps that can cause an injury that might qualify a plumber for workers’ compensation can occur at any time.

Ramping up safety

Always utilize personal protective equipment (PPE) and be aware of the physical risks of working with certain substances by carefully examining their safety data sheets (SDS). Those are just two measures that can increase a plumber’s safety. They can diminish but not wholly eliminate the dangers.

What are some of the prime dangers encountered in plumbing?

Plumbers face an array of threats to their health, from kneeling or crawling in small, confined areas to repetitive motion problems, plus all of the hazards described below.

These are some typical dangers:

  • Slick, water-logged floors
  • Water that is extremely hot
  • Metal pipes can give an electrical shock
  • Highly toxic substances such as asbestos, sulfur dioxide, lead, sewage and mold
  • Broken bones, cuts and fractures
  • Repeated exposure to loud sounds

An injury can impact your earning power, keep you from getting back to work and interfere with your and your family’s quality of life. Filing a workers’ compensation claim could be something you choose to do. If so, you may want advice on how to do it correctly for a favorable outcome.