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Accidents happen: Have you checked your child’s car seat lately?

On Behalf of | May 8, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Crashes

Young children have a high risk of suffering severe injuries in motor vehicle accidents. In 2020, about 600 children died in vehicle crashes. More than 210 of these children had no car seat or booster protection. 

If you have ever installed a car seat and buckled your child in, you know it is not easy to do so correctly. Making even one mistake could have tragic consequences.

Child restraint seats need regular inspections

Some parents think all they must do is install a restraint seat for their child. For maximum protection, car seats and boosters need routine safety inspections.

Most states offer car seat safety check services. You can find many of these in Missouri, and if you live in the Liberty area, you can have your seats checked out at the fire department.

Check it yourself between inspections

Although it is no replacement for an inspection, checking the following things each time you use the seat increases protection for kids.

  • Check for harness slack. The harness is too loose if you can pinch some of the material between your fingers. Adjust the straps around the shoulders and hips until they are taut.
  • Double-check the chest clip. The clip should always align with your child’s armpit area. Make sure it is taut enough to deter slippage.
  • Use the right buckle slot. Most car seats have multiple crotch buckle slots to accommodate growing children. Refer to the manual that came with yours to ensure you choose the proper buckle slot.

When young children suffer injuries in a motor vehicle accident, they typically require extensive medical care. Most parents make getting compensation to pay for such care their top priority. Learning more about accident and injury compensation ensures you get a fair amount of restitution for your or your child’s harm.