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Auto mechanics face numerous risks at work

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2022 | Workplace Injuries

Vehicles play a key role in keeping people on the move across Missouri. Workers rely on cars for their daily commute, and parents need them to take the kids to school. Thus, when something goes wrong, they rely on mechanics to carry out thorough repairs efficiently.

For the most part, this is exactly what auto mechanics do. However, the job does not come without risks. Being a mechanic is a high-risk job, and thousands in this vocation are injured every year in the U.S.

Eye injuries

Whether it’s welding part of a vehicle chassis or grinding components to size, hot fragments of metal pose a significant risk to the eyes of mechanics. While most workspaces provide personal protective equipment such as goggles, this is not always enough to prevent injury. The recovery period for eye injuries can be extensive and sometimes vision can be impacted permanently.

Hazardous materials

Most auto shops are stocked with potentially harmful materials. Paints, lubricants, oils and other chemicals can all be dangerous under certain circumstances. Frequently, such materials are not supposed to come into contact with the skin, and if they do, nasty burns can be the result. Furthermore, when inhaled, these substances can cause permanent damage to the lungs.

Various hand injuries

It goes without saying that mechanics make use of their hands. This also means that the hands are always in danger. Hammers and other tools can shatter bones if they slip. Saws, grinders and other devices have the ability to cause nasty wounds. Another aspect that is frequently overlooked is long-term conditions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, which can come on after years of strenuous labor.

As a mechanic, it is vital that you look after both your long-term and short-term health. If you have been injured at work, there may be a path to legal compensation for any harm you have suffered.