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How workers’ compensation disability works in Missouri

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2021 | Workplace Injuries

The rules that regulate workers’ compensation are a little different in every state. Most Missouri employees can count on receiving full medical coverage if they get hurt on the job, thanks to workers ‘ compensation benefits. 

Workers unable to do their jobs because of a medical condition may also qualify for disability benefits that help cover their lost wages. If you recently suffered a work injury or were recently diagnosed with a job-related illness that requires a leave of absence, then you can claim disability benefits while you are unable to work.

There are multiple different kinds of disability benefits

Workers who may only require a few weeks off of work for surgery and recovery may only need temporary total disability benefits. Those who can work but cannot do the same job as before may qualify for temporary partial disability benefits. 

Eventually, workers will reach a point where they have recovered as much as possible. At that time, a doctor will determine if they can fully return to work or if they still have certain restrictions. Those who cannot return to work at all may qualify for permanent total disability benefits. In contrast, some workers may have to accept a less demanding and lower-paying job because they have residual symptoms. These individuals may qualify for permanent partial disability benefits. 

There are rules regarding the maximum benefits available, although what workers receive usually reflects their average weekly wage. For example, temporary total disability will only pay up to two-thirds of a worker’s average weekly wage. 

Learning more about Missouri workers’ compensation benefits will make it easier for you to claim the right ones.