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The three D’s that contribute to many major car crashes

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Crashes

Motor vehicle collisions occur for lots of different reasons. Uneven roads, poorly maintained vehicles and inclement weather can all lead to wrecks.

However, a large number of crashes every year are the direct result of people’s bad driving decisions. Three driving behaviors in particular could impact your safety on the roads.

Drowsy driving

Thousands of people get behind the wheel every day when they feel so tired they can barely stay awake. A shocking number of people fall asleep at the wheel every year, although many of them do so without causing crashes. Fatigued drivers don’t have to fall asleep to cause wrecks. The lack of sleep can affect their driving skills and make them similar to a drunk driver.

Drunk driving

Of the three bad driving decisions on this list, this one is arguably the most well-known. Everyone knows it is not legal to drive after drinking enough alcohol to become impaired or reach the legal limit. Unfortunately, a lot of people still do, and they cause crashes that hurt and kill other people.

Distracted driving

Almost everybody understands that distracted driving is dangerous, but they tend to think that they can safely text and drive. Of course, distraction doesn’t just involve phones. Conversations with passengers, eating lunch on the way to a meeting or just singing along passionately to the radio could all distract someone enough to impact their driving and lead to a crash.

Recognizing some of the more common causes of crashes that are attributable to misconduct or negligence can help you seek the compensation you need after a serious car crash.