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Workers’ compensation: Can my employer offer me light duty restrictions?

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2020 | Workplace Injuries

If you have an accident at work that results in injuries, you may qualify for light-duty restrictions. Light duty work is an alternative way employers can lower or reduce workers’ compensation benefits. In some cases, light-duty work restrictions can result in partial disability benefits. 

Even if your injuries are not serious enough to keep you off of work indefinitely or they are severe enough to keep you from performing your regular job duties, your employer must make adjustments to the workplace or your position to make it safe enough for you to work without risking further injury. 

Is light-duty work right for you?

Keep in mind that not everyone heals or recovers at the same rate. You may require more or less recovery time and treatment after a workplace accident before you can safely return to work. It is important for you to listen to your body and avoid aggravating your injuries instead of risking further harm and injury on the job. 

How to protect yourself from further injury

Your employer may have other ideas that require you to return to your job before you are physically ready. To qualify for light-duty restrictions, the doctor overseeing your workers’ compensation care must document and inform your employer of any limitations you may have as a result of your workplace accident. 

To avoid complications with your workers’ compensation claim and personal injury recovery, be honest with your doctor about any concerns and issues you may have about your workplace injuries. Inform your employer as well. Once your employer receives notification from the doctor, it is up to them to decide if it is better for you to continue your recovery while working modified duties or to return to the job after a certain time period.