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How should you ease back into work after a workplace injury?

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2020 | Workplace Injuries

After suffering a workplace injury a few months ago, you feel almost ready to return to the office. What is the best way to ease back into your role while respecting your physical and mental limitations?

Monster has tips that you may find useful. Understand how to enjoy a smooth transition from healing to working.

Keep in touch

If you do not already, check in with the office so you know what you missed and what to prepare for when you return. Look for opportunities to learn skills related to your profession and industry, such as taking online tutorials or classes. Also, touch bases with your coworkers for more insight into current company goings-on.

Honor shifts in your personal situation

Making a full recovery from your workplace injury could require some careful navigation. For instance, you may have trouble completing some of your regular job duties, or you may lack the energy to work as much as you used to. Whatever it may be, respect your limitations and capabilities. Perhaps you require special accommodations to get the job done. Be upfront about your needs, and work with your employer and coworkers to create workarounds that let you contribute while on the mend.

Gauge the work you deliver

To help inspire confidence in your manager regarding your ability to do your job, consider creating status reports and project plans that list your progress and next steps. Going over your projections and reports with your supervisor can bring peace of mind and ensure you remain in lockstep with everyone. Further, proper planning can help ease anxiety that you may have about your work performance while recovering.