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How can you treat back pain?

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2020 | Firm News

For many, back pain is a struggle. A variety of different jobs can lead to a person’s fight with pain in his or her back. Unfortunately, when someone feels back pain, he or she may try to treat it by sitting down. Sometimes, sitting down for long periods is what hurt the muscles in the back in the first place. 

Harvard Medical School explains how to deal with back pain through movement rather than rest. 

How to treat back pain

If you experience lower back pain, particularly when seated, you want to learn how to move again. Do not lay down to sit up again. Lay down to relieve the pain but create a goal to stand up and to move. Movement can help alleviate back pain. Often, when you see a doctor, he or she will want to put you on a treatment plan that involves activity modification and exercise. In severe cases, you may require physical therapy, massage or chiropractic care. 

How to avoid back pain

To avoid pain in your lower back, physical activity is necessary. While it can be difficult while working a desk job, movement and activity increases the strength in your back and can reduce your future pain. You should focus on exercises that strengthen the body and improve your range of motion. If you do have an office job, then you should get up periodically. Try to stand at least once every 30 minutes. Walk around, take a drink of water and make sure that you take breaks to prevent the pain from returning.