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Sun glare and pedestrian accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2020 | Firm News

There are countless reasons why pedestrians are involved in accidents on the road. Sometimes, pedestrians are responsible for these incidents, such as those who cross the road inappropriately. Often, drivers are responsible for these wrecks, and there are a lot of reasons why drivers collide with pedestrians. Aside from alcohol intoxication, drowsiness, distracted driving and other common risk factors associated with traffic accidents, there are a lot of other reasons why drivers strike pedestrians. For example, sun glare increases the odds of such accidents, even during the winter months. 

Sun glare can affect one’s ability to see the road properly, especially when it comes to those walking alongside the road. A driver may veer off of the road slightly due to an inability to see well as a result of bright sunlight, causing them to collide with someone who is walking. Moreover, in the winter months, sun glare is especially concerning in certain parts of the country that see snowfall, since the glare often makes it even harder for drivers to see the road. 

Some drivers squint and cannot focus on the road very well as a result of glare, while others may even close their eyes. Sadly, when a driver loses the ability to see the road for just a few seconds, this increases the odds of an accident and many lives have been lost as a result of drivers struggling with poor visibility. Pedestrians who are involved in these accidents must take a firm stand for their legal rights and our law office’s web site explores more on this topic.