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Kansas City crash sends car vaulting over five traffic lanes

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2019 | Firm News

Authorities believe that a woman whose car vaulted over an embankment and soared over five lanes of traffic after traveling over 700 feet through a ravine in Kansas City was the only occupant of the vehicle at the time of the crash. She sustained life-threatening injuries as a result and required hospitalization despite the fact that she had been wearing her seatbelt.

The woman had been traveling on Interstate 470 in an eastbound direction. Authorities do not know what caused her vehicle to leave the road but do report that she was traveling at a high speed. The car traveled 735 feet through a nearby ravine until it reached an embankment on the other side. The car’s velocity was enough to propel it up the embankment and send it over the five lanes of traffic on the Raytown Road overpass. The vehicle ultimately came to rest in the bluff area on the other side.

Law enforcement and firefighters worked together to search the area for anyone else who may have been in the car. The search turned up no other vehicle occupants even when firefighters employed thermal imaging equipment. It does not appear that the accident involved any other automobiles. The crash occurred early on a Monday morning, and relatively light traffic at that time of day may account for the lack of other vehicles’ involvement.

It is not known whether the woman is still in the hospital or what her current condition may be. It does not appear that authorities have released her name, and they may be waiting until they notify family members.

Accidents can occur due to the actions of other drivers as well as the negligence of road designers, contractors, etc. Individuals injured in a motor vehicle accident may wish to contact an attorney.