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Dealing with an infection after a bicycle accident

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2019 | Firm News

Bicyclists who are struck by a vehicle may have to work through a variety of challenges in the days and weeks following the accident, and some experience long-term hardships that make their lives tough. Aside from the financial and mental concerns that these accidents can bring on, the physical complications cannot be ignored. Some people may become immobilized because of a wreck, while others may struggle with problems that worsen following the accident, such as the effects of a brain injury or a wound becoming infected.

Bicyclists are particularly vulnerable on the road, especially when they are involved in an accident with a vehicle that is much larger. They have little to protect themselves and bicyclists frequently sustain lacerations, scrapes and puncture wounds. These wounds can become infected for a host of reasons, whether a wound is not treated properly after the accident or a bicyclist is exposed to MRSA. Infections can present a host of problems, and they may even become life-threatening or lead to amputation.

Even from a short-term perspective, an infected wound can cause many health concerns, from running a fever to a considerable amount of pain. If you were involved in a bicycle accident and suffered a minor cut or a major laceration, it is imperative to address your wounds carefully and seek necessary treatment. Unfortunately, many bicyclists have suffered through these hardships after being hit by a negligent driver, and they should not have any reservations when it comes to standing up for their legal rights. To read more information about the consequences of bicycle accidents and other traffic crashes, visit our injury section.