On Your Side After An Injury

Social Security disability might provide safety net for some

There is an old adage that refers to anything worth having, is worth working for in order to obtain the desired prize. However, in spite of the desire of the majority of Missouri employees to work until retirement age, there are circumstances that may make that goal unattainable. In the event that a worker finds him or herself with a serious condition that makes working impossible, Social Security Disability Insurance may provide a critical safety net.

Social Security Disability Insurance was instituted to help provide recipients with a means to make ends meet when they suffer a disabling ailment. Though it will not provide the same level of income as a regular paycheck, these funds may make it possible for one to keep a roof overhead and food on the table. But there is a qualifying process.

The first requirement is that applicants must have been employed for a minimum of 10 years. There are some exceptions to this rule, so it pays to consider applying, even if one has worked less. Applicants are required to answer a five-point checklist, including the provision that the disability be serious enough to impede one’s ability to perform any job duties. In addition, once an application is approved, no benefits will be received until after the applicant has been unable to work for six consecutive months.

There are several steps an employee can take that may provide income stability in the event one suffers either a short or long-term disability. However, not every worker will have the opportunity to purchase disability insurance or save a significant nest egg to cover living expenses in the event of an incapacitating injury or illness. Missouri workers who are no longer able to work may benefit from seeking the assistance of an attorney who can guide them through the process of successfully applying for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.