On Your Side After An Injury

OSHA investigating after woman injured in work accident

No matter one’s occupation, almost every work site has the potential to become dangerous under the wrong conditions. When the job at hand requires one to be off the ground, then the possibility of suffering injuries due to a fall increases. Missouri workers who have been injured in a work accident may qualify for benefits from the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program.

Officials with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration opened an investigation into the causes behind a work site fall that injured a woman. According to the report, the woman was employed by a company that performs work in shipyards. The unidentified employee was working from an elevated position to complete power-washing in an enclosed area. For reasons that are yet unclear, the employee fell approximately 25 feet and landed in an unknown quantity of water.

She was found unresponsive after the fall and transported to a nearby medical facility for treatment of undisclosed injuries. Later, she was transferred to a second hospital that was better equipped to provide the medical care her condition required. According to individuals who were not permitted to officially comment on the incident, the 20-something female was a recent hire and was still on a probationary period with the shipyard.

The worker is a member of a trade union and may therefore have more access to support and benefits. Her current condition and future prognosis has not been disclosed by company or union officials. OSHA may take several weeks to announce its findings and whether the company will face any fines or penalties for this tragic work accident. When Missouri workers are injured on the job, they are often worried about making ends meet until they are able to return to duty. They may choose to seek the assistance of an experienced attorney who can walk them through the process of filing a successful claim for maximum benefits from the workers’ compensation insurance program.