On Your Side After An Injury

Investigation launched in response to fatal work accident

Those whose occupations involve industrial environments face hazardous conditions on a regular basis. Experienced workers take as many precautions as possible, but not every work accident can be foreseen and prevented. When these serious incidents occur, Missouri workers — or their surviving families — may be entitled to seek assistance from the workers’ compensation program.

Emergency responders received a report of a workplace accident at a steel mill plant. When they arrived on scene, they discovered a male victim who was unresponsive. Though they applied life-saving techniques, their efforts were unsuccessful. The 55-year-old male was pronounced deceased at the location.

According to the preliminary report, the man died from crush-type injuries. He was purportedly working on a manufacturing line that was recently opened, though further details regarding how this tragic accident occurred were not available. This is not the first fatal incident involving this company. There have been at least four other reports of fatalities over the past several years involving workers of the company’s steel manufacturing plants and construction companies.

The company president confirmed the employee’s death and expressed his condolences and regrets to the victim’s family and co-workers. It is unknown whether the company will face any fines or violations after the completion of the investigation into this fatal work accident. Whenever Missouri workers are seriously injured or killed as a result of a work-related incident, they, or their surviving families, often experience financial hardships. Victims or their survivors may seek the assistance of an attorney who can ensure that valid claims for maximum benefits from the workers’ compensation insurance program are processed in a timely manner.