On Your Side After An Injury

Outside employee victim of fatal work accident

Those who work in industrial and manufacturing plants face many hazards on the job. Even highly skilled and experienced employees can suffer serious or even fatal injuries in a work accident. Missouri workers who are employed in these fields are aware to the potentially dangerous nature of their occupation and strive to take precautions to protect themselves and others.

Recently, police and emergency crews were called to the site of a meat manufacturing plant. According to the report, a 55-year-old man from another company was on site in order to repair a forklift. When other employees arrived on scene, they found the victim underneath the forklift with no discernible signs of life. The workers used a second machine to move the first forklift and free the man.

They commenced life-saving efforts until emergency crews could respond to the scene. When officers arrived, they found first responders attempting to resuscitate the man, who had suffered injuries to his head and torso. Sadly, their efforts were unsuccessful, and the man was pronounced deceased at the scene. Officials have ruled out any foul play in the man’s death.

It is unclear whether officials from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have opened an investigation yet, but it is common for them to be involved in any work accident that involves serious injury or death. There was no information as to what may have lead to this unfortunate incident. The victim’s surviving family may qualify for death benefits from the workers’ compensation insurance program. Missouri workers who have been a victim of a work-related accident or illness often worry about how to make ends meet while they are unable to return to their jobs. An experienced attorney can ensure that a qualifying claim will be processed in a timely manner for the full amount of benefits a client may be entitled to receive.