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19-year-old man died after forklift accident at building site

No matter one’s age or experience, working in the construction business can be inherently dangerous. A building site employs the use of heavy machinery that can lead to potentially deadly incidents, including a fatal forklift accident. Missouri workers who have limited experience in this occupation may face an increased risk of suffering a serious injury.

Recently, emergency workers and investigators with the local Occupational Safety and Health Administration responded to a call concerning a serious accident that occurred at a building site. According to the preliminary report, a 19-year-old man was engaged as a spotter for another worker operating a forklift. The machine was being used to move a load of roofing materials for an apartment complex under construction.

At some point, the operator purportedly lost track of his spotter, and he backed the machine over the young worker. As soon as he realized that the man was hit, he moved the machine and began administering first aid. Officials found the man unresponsive with no signs of life.

Officials with the California office of OSHA have not completed their official investigation, and it is unknown whether the construction company will face any violations or fines in connection with this deadly forklift accident. The young worker’s family are devastated by his untimely loss. Families in these tragic circumstances may qualify for death benefits from their state’s workers’ compensation insurance program. Missouri workers who have suffered a work-related injury or illness also have access to this program. An attorney who is skilled in navigating the claims process may provide invaluable assistance in filing a valid claim for the full amount of benefits for which one may be entitled to receive.