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Man dies; 2 injured in construction site accident

When new building projects are undertaken, there are usually various companies and subcontractors involved. Each of these companies is expected to ensure that the safety of its workers are one of the top priorities. Sadly, there have been many Missouri workers who have either died or suffered serious injuries in a construction site accident.

Recently, there were reports of a trench collapse that resulted in the death of one unidentified worker and caused serious injuries to two others. Details about the collapse have not been forthcoming, but the workers who were involved were employed by a sub-contractor on a project that involves the building of a 382-unit apartment complex. At the time of the fatal incident, the workers were engaged in preparing a site for the construction of a stormwater retaining pond as well as excavating for future wall building.

According to public records, the subcontracting company has no record of violations. The company that was contracted to prepare the site for construction and had hired the subcontracting company does have one complaint that was resolved the same day it was opened and did not result in any fines. However, the main construction company, Harold K. Jordan & Company, has a history of 14 violations — some of which involved inadequate protections for workers using scaffolding.

The investigation into this deadly construction site accident could require several months to complete. There have been no details regarding the nature or severity of the injuries that the two surviving workers suffered, but it is likely they will require significant recovery time before returning to work. In the event that Missouri workers suffer serious job-related injuries or illnesses, they are entitled to seek financial support from the state’s workers’ compensation insurance program (surviving family members of deceased workers may also qualify for death benefits). An experienced attorney can help walk victims successfully through the claims process.