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Teachers claim moldy classrooms causing work-related illness

Every so often, there will be media reports concerning the harm that mold spores can cause to one’s health when they are present in a home or workplace. Unfortunately, the warnings are often ignored as being overblown or irrelevant when it comes to seeking the cause of a work-related illness. However, dangerous mold spores may be present in many Missouri workplaces without the employees realizing what could be causing their symptoms.

Recently, one school district reported that it has seen an increase in the numbers of teachers and other employees who have sought benefits from their workers’ compensation program. Out of an estimated 175 teachers at one school, approximately 40 of them have been out due to mold exposure. Though many of the affected teachers are out for less than 30 days, the absences are causing many parents to feel that their children’s education is suffering.

One teacher initially dismissed the warnings about the mold infestation at several facilities in the district. However, after struggling with symptoms of lethargy, forgetfulness and congestion, she inspected her classroom and discovered mold growth throughout the room. She has since filed a claim for benefits after being diagnosed with illness related to mold spores. Several teachers are requesting that the school district conduct an overhaul of the heating and air conditioning system rather than just carrying out specific room treatments.

Though many parents have expressed their frustration with the loss of qualified instructional time for some of the advanced placement classes, others are concerned that the health needs of some disadvantaged children are being overlooked as they cannot clearly communicate whether they are suffering from mold exposure as well. The school district has not stated how it plans to address this potentially dangerous problem. Missouri workers who have experienced negative health consequences due to a work-related illness or injury are entitled to seek assistance from an attorney who is experienced in filing successful claims for workers’ compensation benefits.