On Your Side After An Injury

Construction worker wins suit over injuries sustained on the job

Those who work in construction often find themselves laboring in a wide variety of environments. Regardless of the job site, however, there are certain safety protocols that must be adhered to in order to prevent serious injuries. Unfortunately, as many Missouri workers will attest, any construction worker faces the possibility of suffering an injury in an unforeseen incident.

Recently, one worker was awarded an estimated $2.7 million after he suffered the partial loss of a limb in a construction accident at an amusement park. The accident occurred in 2014 when the 23-year-old worker was assisting in the move of a steel pillar. The object was being moved via a forklift, and the worker was holding onto a line attached to the column. When the forklift came to an unexpected stop, the man was pulled into the path of the vehicle.

A wheel rolled over the man’s foot, crushing it. He required several surgical procedures to amputate the limb below his knee and to later reshape the wound in order to properly fit a prosthetic device. The man has suffered from severe phantom pains and has been unable to return to work in the years since his devastating injury.

The judge found that the amusement park was negligent in failing to supply proper supervision. It was further argued that there were safer methods of transporting the support structure. The construction worker was awarded compensation for his injuries as well as the emotional and psychological pain he has endured since the accident. Missouri workers who have suffered a serious injury in a work-related accident are entitled to seek the assistance of an attorney who is well-versed in filing successful claims for benefits through the workers’ compensation insurance program.