On Your Side After An Injury

Workers injured; 1 missing after serious industrial accident

Working in an industrial environment requires close attention to details and set protocols in order to reduce the risks of an injury befalling the workers. Unfortunately, even the most conscientious employees can become victims of a serious industrial accident. These types of accidents can leave Missouri workers with life-changing injuries.

Recently, several employees of a hazardous waste facility were injured in a powerful explosion in one of the buildings. According to a company official, the explosion caused major structural damage to the building as well as removed the outer shell. Three workers were transported for treatment of undisclosed injuries. A fourth employee has remained unaccounted for in the aftermath of the incident.

Workers were reportedly engaged in routine duties when the explosion occurred, though the cause of the explosion has yet to be determined. Emergency officials stated that, immediately after the initial blast, a series of chemical reactions purportedly followed. In this particular building, workers are tasked with processing powdered magnesium items. Officials claimed that there was no need to order any evacuation of the grounds and that the general public was not endangered by the incident.

Several years ago, the Idaho company was fined an estimated $184,000 for allegedly failing to provide information to the Environmental Protection Agency on the release of toxic substances on a timely basis. The injured workers are expected to recover, though they may require a lengthy recovery period. Whenever workers are injured in a serious industrial accident or any other serious accident, they may qualify for monetary assistance from the workers’ compensation insurance program. In the event of a fatal accident, the surviving family may be eligible to receive one-time death benefits. Missouri workers who have suffered an injury or work-related illness may seek the assistance of an attorney who can provide information on filing a qualifying claim for maximum benefits.