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Tragic accident on the job kills inmate on work release

Having a trade or a profession that one excels at can often make the difference when one is working to make a positive change in life. Sadly, when one works in the construction field, the possibility of a serious accident on the job can have tragic consequences. There are many Missouri families who have been forever changed when these accidents have taken the life of a loved one.

Recently, a man who was working to turn his life in a better direction earned the opportunity to be a part of a work release program. He had been sentenced to serve time after a previous drunk driving conviction and subsequent parole violation. He was working for a construction company that was one of the approximately 40 businesses that are contracted with the sheriff’s department to allow inmates a chance at gainful employment.

As the man was working to unload beams, one purportedly came loose and struck him in the head. Details surrounding the accident were not disclosed, including whether the victim was transported for care or if he died at the scene. The employer has expressed regret over the tragedy.  Representatives from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration did not respond to requests for comments.

The man would have been eligible for a good behavior release in the next few years and was a part of the work release program since the beginning of October. This fatal incident appears to be an accident, but the investigation may take some time before its completed. Though this may be a unique situation, whenever an accident on the job results in serious or fatal injuries, the victim — or surviving family  — may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits, or death benefits. An experienced attorney in Missouri can provide assistance in filing for the maximum available benefits.