On Your Side After An Injury

Construction worker killed; 1 injured when struck by truck

Those who work in the construction field are prepared for many hazards they may encounter on a job site. Unfortunately, not every possible danger can be foreseen in time to prevent a serious injury. Any Missouri construction worker who has suffered an injury through no fault of his or her own may have sought assistance from the state’s workers’ compensation program.

Recently, a tragic accident took the life of one construction worker and sent a second to a local hospital for treatment of his injuries. According to the preliminary investigation, members of a road crew were engaged in conducting an inspection of a bridge that spans an interstate. Without warning, a pickup truck that was towing a trailer slammed into some of the crew members. One worker was killed on the scene. A fellow worker was transported to the nearest medical center by emergency responders.

The accident was purportedly precipitated by a tractor-trailer driver who may have failed to slow his rig in time to avoid a collision with the pickup truck traveling ahead of him. The impact from the semi hitting the truck is what propelled the pickup into the road crew. Police stated that none of the drivers involved — including one for a third vehicle — were injured in the fatal incident.

As of the time of the report, Minnesota officials had not filed any charges in connection with this accident. The injured construction worker may face an extended-time recovery, depending on the severity and type of injuries he suffered. The family of the deceased victim may face serious economic difficulties in the aftermath of his untimely death. Missouri residents who find themselves in a similar situation where they have suffered a serious injury (or have lost a loved one) through a work-related accident may seek assistance in filing for benefits from the state’s workers’ compensation insurance program.