On Your Side After An Injury

Man dies after tragic work accident involving a forklift

Longevity at a company does not always mean that an employee is not vulnerable to suffering an injury. Sadly, even the most experienced worker can become a victim of a serious work accident. When Missouri residents suffer an injury — or die — as a result of a serious work-related accident, then they or their surviving family (in the event of a fatal accident) may be entitled to receive benefits from the workers’ compensation program.

Recently, emergency responders were called to a warehouse when a report was called in concerning an injured man. Crews arrived to discover that the 43-year-old man had suffered a critical head injury while operating a forklift. Co-workers stated that the man, who had been employed with the company for approximately 20 years, was moving a pallet jack of items. For reasons that are still unclear, the man extended his head from the cab of the forklift, possibly in an effort to obtain a clearer view of the path ahead of him.

Somehow, his head became wedged between a metal shelving unit and the frame of the machinery. Rescue crews provided transportation to a nearby medical facility. Sadly, the man’s injuries were too severe and he was pronounced deceased at the hospital.

Co-workers expressed shock at the news of the fatal work accident. The man was respected as an experienced and hardworking employee who often took on extra tasks to help those who were less experienced. Company officials stated that they were saddened by the tragedy and would fully cooperate with the investigation. An unforeseen accident brings not only physical injury and loss, but can also result in significant monetary burdens. Eligible Missouri workers — or surviving family — can seek assistance in filing a qualifying claim for maximum benefits from the workers’ compensation insurance program.