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September 2018 Archives

Company with 2 trench collapse deaths in 6 months still operating

Excavation work of any kind is a dangerous undertaking, especially when hazardous conditions exist. For this reason, OSHA mandates that workers are protected by proper support structures and safety equipment in case of a deadly trench collapse. If a Missouri employee suffers a serious injury due to an employer's negligence, he or she may have a case for filing a workers' compensation claim.

Man dies after tragic work accident involving a forklift

Longevity at a company does not always mean that an employee is not vulnerable to suffering an injury. Sadly, even the most experienced worker can become a victim of a serious work accident. When Missouri residents suffer an injury -- or die -- as a result of a serious work-related accident, then they or their surviving family (in the event of a fatal accident) may be entitled to receive benefits from the workers' compensation program.

Some fear DOE regulation change could lessen workplace safety

The Department of Energy has moved to reclassify several nuclear facilities as being low-level operations that purportedly do not pose a hazard to the general public. It is also seeking to restrict members of a federal oversight board from questioning staff at certain facilities without prior consent of DOE officials. It proposes limiting the board's access to sensitive documentation while seeking to incorporate more legal protections. There are serious concerns that such changes could negatively impact workplace safety at nuclear facilities across the country, including the Callaway Nuclear Generating Station in Portland, Missouri.

2 Men killed in scaffolding fall at construction site

Construction work is a rewarding, albeit, dangerous occupation. When the project involves considerable height, the use of support structures can lead to the risk of a scaffolding fall. Even though Missouri workers employed in this field take all safety precautions, there remains a possibility of suffering a serious -- or even fatal -- event.

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