On Your Side After An Injury

Fiber company issued citations after months-long investigation

In most situations, whenever an employee suffers a serious injury, officials with OSHA will be contacted as per government regulations. If an investigation points to errors on the part of an employer which lead to the incident, then the company will likely face citations and possible fines. Missouri workers who have been injured on the job do have recourse for seeking a remedy for their monetary losses.

Recently, a fiber company was issued several citations and fines over an incident that caused an employee to lose three fingers. According to the report, a worker was attempting to clear a material jam in a die machine that cuts fiber. In the process of doing so, the worker stepped on a pedal which activated the machinery that subsequently amputated three digits.

The company purportedly did not report the accident to OSHA, and the federal agency was informed of the incident through a media source. The agency launched an investigation that lasted approximately five months. It was determined that the company failed to ensure that machinery had proper protective equipment, and it was negligent in maintaining the machinery. Furthermore, workers were not properly trained in operating machinery.

The company, Wilmington Fibre Speciality Company, was cited and is facing fines in excess of $146,100. Company officials have contested the findings of the investigation, and the matter is purportedly headed for litigation. Anytime an employee suffers serious physical injuries while working, he or she often sustains financial damage as well. Missouri residents are entitled to seek assistance in filing a qualifying claim for benefits through the state’s workers’ compensation program in order to obtain all of the benefits to which they are entitled.