On Your Side After An Injury

Construction site accident leaves 1 worker injured; another dead

Those who work in the construction field are aware of the many dangers and are careful to take all available precautions to avoid serious injuries. Unfortunately, not every accident can be foreseen or prevented, and any worker could suffer from the consequences of a construction site accident. There have been many Missouri residents who have had their lives negatively impacted by serious injuries while on the job.

Recently, four employees were caught up in a serious incident while on site working to construct a large capacity water tower. According to officials, an emergency call requesting assistance at the scene was received shortly before 7:30 a.m. Crews were informed that the rescue would require equipment to handle a high-angle operation, as four employees were trapped inside the tank an estimated 150 feet up.

By the time help arrived, one worker had already died from his injuries and another was seriously injured. Two of the workers escaped harm when the sheet metal that was being used to construct the tank walls broke free and fell inside the structure. The uninjured workers were able to summon help by banging on the walls of the tower.

Officials are still investigating the cause of this tragic construction site accident. Neither the nature of the injured worker’s injuries or the future prognosis were disclosed. It is likely that this individual will face a long recovery from these injuries. The deceased worker’s family may qualify for one-time death benefits from his state’s workers’ compensation program, while the injured worker will likely file for benefits as well. Any Missouri resident who suffers a serious work-related illness or injury may benefit from seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney who successfully files qualifying claims on a regular basis in order to obtain all of the benefits to which one may be entitled.