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Man injured in work accident after suffering chemical burns

Working around industrial chemicals poses a serious risk of burns and inhalation injuries. Workers who are responsible for transferring or handling these types of materials require thorough training as well as protective gear. In spite of these precautions, there remains a risk of serious injuries in a work accident when unforeseen events occur. There are many Missouri workers who have suffered incapacitating injuries on the job.

There was a recent report of a serious incident that occurred when an employee was transferring sodium hydroxide from a tanker car to a tractor-trailer. Though the details of how the accident occurred are unclear, the reports indicated that the man was burned when a leak occurred. The worker was wearing protective clothing at the time, but he still incurred chemical burns to his facial area as well as his hands. A co-worker initiated decontamination procedures that were ongoing when emergency crews arrived on scene.

A spokesperson from the fire station stated that the man’s injuries were considered serious but his life was not endangered. It was estimated that more than 300 gallons of the chemical, which is used in drain cleaner, spilled before crews could get it under control. It is unclear what may have caused it.

Crews neutralized the chemical by utilizing citric acid. A port authority official claimed that the spill was in a confined area and the affected worker was hospitalized out of precaution. Details concerning the extent of the man’s burns were not released, and it is unknown how long he may require to recover from his injuries. It is possible that he may qualify for benefits from his state’s workers’ compensation program for the duration of his recovery. Missouri residents who also suffer injuries or illness related to a work accident may seek assistance in filing a valid claim for these types of benefits in order to receive the maximum amount to which he or she may be entitled.