On Your Side After An Injury

Social Security disability may be needed at some point in life

According to current statistics, a 20-year-old employee faces a 25 percent chance of being disabled by a work-related injury. While Missouri workers may believe that the process for applying for Social Security Disability is a relatively simple procedure, the federal program requires extensive and thorough information. The agency does have publications available that can help applicants determine what information will be requested.

There are different types of disability programs, and each requires varying levels of information. The federal program has its own definition of what constitutes disability, namely a serious injury or illness that is expected to last at least a year or is expected to be terminal. While many applicants will stress the severity of their injury or illness, the agency needs detailed information concerning both the injury and the type of work that the applicant performed before the injury or illness occurred.

Many applications are submitted with details concerning the nature, duration and severity of the disability. Along with this information, the application must contain all previous job history, including the types of work one has done in the past. Applicants must also include details concerning any machinery involved, the physical aspects of the duties one is required to perform and the number of hours worked along with pay history. The agency also needs information relating to the applicant’s supervision and decision-making responsibility along with details concerning the work environment and conditions.

For many Missouri workers who have become disabled due to a work-related accident, Social Security Disability may provide the monetary benefits needed to maintain one’s household and personal needs. Therefore, it is beneficial to provide as much detailed information as possible for the application process to proceed as efficiently as possible. In the event that one is denied these vital benefits or encounters difficulties during the application period, an experienced attorney may be able to provide valuable assistance.

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