On Your Side After An Injury

Workers file lawsuit alleging workplace safety violations

The majority of companies take the health and safety of their workers as one of their top priorities. Unfortunately, situations arise, and the well-being of employees can be endangered when workplace safety is not assured. Many Missouri residents have suffered an illness or injury caused by unsafe working conditions.

Recently, construction workers in another state filed a lawsuit against a company that, according to the claim, caused them to suffer serious and possibly permanent physical harm. They allege that while they were working on constructing a building for an oilfield company, fumes were vented from a nearby structure. Those emissions purportedly contained an anti-corrosion agent that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has deemed hazardous to one’s health. The agent is believed to pose a danger to the central nervous system.

OSHA levied fines against the company for the incident, which has apparently caused the affected workers to suffer brain damage. The company is contesting the civil suit on the basis that the affected employees have received workers’ compensation benefits for those injuries. Most states do not allow injured workers to file a suit against an employer once these benefits have been approved and paid unless certain conditions apply, such as evidence of gross negligence.

Many companies have enacted policies that stress the importance of workplace safety and how it has a direct impact on the lives of their employees. Regardless of these efforts, however, not every accident or incident can be foreseen and avoided, even the most diligent employee. If a Missouri worker has suffered a serious injury or illness that was a direct result of his or her work-related duties, then he or she may file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can help an employee make ends meet whenever one has been temporarily incapacitated. An experienced attorney who has successfully navigated the claims process can provide both information and guidance in navigating the compensation system successfully.

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