On Your Side After An Injury

Man suffers serious arm injury in construction accident

Construction work may be a rewarding job when plans are completed and a new structure is ready for use. However, it can also be a dangerous undertaking that can cause significant injuries, such as occurred in another state recently when a man suffered an arm injury. When a Missouri worker is seriously injured on the job, workers’ compensation attorneys can provide assistance in these challenging circumstances.

Recently, a man was reportedly injured while working inside the confines of a hole for laying piping. Though details were not clarified, the man suffered serious injuries to both of his arms. Described as a crush type injury, they were apparently caused by a pipe and resulted in his limbs being partially amputated.

The worker, a man said to be in his 20s, required a special procedure to extricate him from the hole as safely as possible. An emergency responder climbed into the hole with the victim and fitted a special harness on the man. The worker was then raised from the cavity and transferred to a rigid backboard.

The man’s current condition and prognosis was not available at the time of the report. However, due to the severity of his arm injury, he will likely be unable to return to work for an extended period of time, if at all. In these situations, the workers’ compensation benefit program is intended to help provide financial benefits and medical coverage. However, in many circumstances, an injured Missouri worker requires assistance when applying for these often vital benefits. The assistance of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney may prove to be invaluable.

Source: ajc.com, “Construction worker rescued from hole in Buckhead, suffers serious arm injury”, Ellen Eldridge, Aug. 3, 2017