On Your Side After An Injury

Man with arm injury talks safety for folks Missouri and elsewhere

Readers in Missouri might be interested to learn about a new program that helps teens learn to be safer. The program, led in part by a man who suffered an arm injury while on the job, can help young people who may think that such an accident won’t happen to them. The program is spreading to groups where teens are considering vocational careers.

The man, who suffered an arm injury on the job when he was just 21-years-old, says that it is most common for teens to be injured at work. The numbers are higher than injuries for adults because teens may consider the training offered less important and may not pay as much attention to training. The incident for the man occurred at his very first job in a paper mill.

Teens most often suffer arm injury and other injuries from accidents at jobs that include retail and fast food establishments. This may be because it is most common for teens to hold jobs at these types of facilities. In addition, these places may have less safety training because they appear to be less dangerous.

When teens or adults in Missouri find that they have been injured on the job, as was the case here with the man and his arm injury, they often work to learn about the laws of the state and how they may help them through the recovery. This search for information may lead workplace accident victims to consider seeking compensation for their loss of time at work, or loss of pay, that resulted from the injury. To ensure that they are able to recover as much as possible for their injury, they often find that help if an attorney may be the best choice.

Source: komonews.com, “Man loses arm uses tragedy to help others“, staff, June 13, 2017