On Your Side After An Injury

3 preventable workplace injuries identified

Statistics show that about 200,000 workers nationwide, including in Missouri, stayed away from work for more than three days after being injured on the job. These numbers are based on 2015/2016 records and exclude fatal injuries. Safety authorities are focusing on the three most frequently cited injury types to create safer workplaces that might lower the current estimate of 4.5 million working days lost due to injuries.

Muscle strains and sprains cause a significant number of painful injuries. These are most common in jobs in which repetitive motions are used and in those occupations in which workers frequently do heavy lifting. Regular breaks and crates on castors may help until proper ergonomic analysis can be done.

Trips and slips occur in all types of work environments, and poor housekeeping is the most prevalent problem. Uneven floors, wet spills, loose or tattered mats, bad lighting and more cause falls that could have devastating consequences. A separate issue is falling from heights, and compliance with safety regulations can eliminate many of these accidents. Danger zones include scaffolds, ladders and any other heights in warehouses, construction sites and more.

Missouri workers who are suffering the consequences of workplace injuries can seek financial help through the benefits offered by the workers’ compensation insurance program. Benefits typically cover medical expenses and a percentage of lost wages for the period of temporary disability. Some victims choose to utilize the skills of an experienced workers’ comp attorney. Such a professional can navigate the claims process, giving the injured worker the chance to recuperate and get back to work.

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