On Your Side After An Injury

First aid training form part of workplace safety

Employees in Missouri may not realize that their employers must select and train certain workers to provide first aid in the event of a workplace accident. That is part of the workplace safety requirements by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Along with discussing health and safety hazards with company owners, the trained first aid personnel must provide emergency care when necessary.

According to OSHA, response time in the event of a life-threatening situation must be no more than three to four minutes. These include circumstances such as severe bleeding, suffocation or other potentially deadly illnesses or injuries. If injuries are not life-threatening, response time may be up to 15 minutes.

The preparedness of companies to provide emergency care immediately after an injury is of particular importance in remote areas that are not close to a clinic, infirmary or hospital. For first-aid providers to respond within these times, proper and ongoing training is essential. They may save lives by performing initial injury or illness assessments and providing the necessary care to stabilize an injured worker until professional paramedics arrive.

Furthermore, OSHA requires all first-aid supplies to be immediately available to prevent delays when emergencies occur. Missouri employees whose workplaces offer properly trained first-aid personnel may benefit greatly in the event of an injury. Although workers’ compensation benefits are available for all employees, claiming benefits may need the support and guidance of experienced workers’ comp attorneys. When company owners prioritize workplace safety, they benefit the bottom line of the business and help avoid financial hardship of on-the-job accident victims.

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