On Your Side After An Injury

Workplace safety can reduce employee stress and injuries

Workers in industrial facilities in Missouri will always face multiple safety hazards. However, several factors are known to be dangerous, and addressing those issues may improve workplace safety. Workers who avoid asking for help when lifting heavy objects may suffer strains, sprains or tears of muscles, and employers who do not provide employees with adequate breaks can cause fatigue that might lead to serious on-the-job accidents with devastating consequences for both boss and worker.

Other threats inside hot industrial environments include dehydration that could lead to heat stroke or even cardiac failures or conditions. Providing enough cooling liquids and rest in cool places can prevent heat exhaustion. Inadequate lighting causes high numbers of workers’ injuries every year, as do hazardous materials that are improperly handled. Appropriate protective clothing and safe handling must be enforced when working with toxic chemicals and other dangerous materials.

The fact that violence in the workplace has become common is unfortunate but true and can result from conflicts over sensitive issues. Establishing conflict resolution and mediation protocols might prevent serious injuries. The lack of attention to housekeeping in industrial facilities can leave walking surfaces slippery, and if items are left standing around, slip and trip incidents can cause serious injuries.

Workplace safety is important, and it is common for workers in Missouri and elsewhere to suffer high levels of stress if they are exposed to multiple safety hazards every day. Knowing that they put their lives on the line causes distracting stress levels that put them at even higher risk. The fact that they will be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits in the event of on-the-job injuries may provide some level of comfort.

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