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SUV lands on worker in fatal construction accident

Construction zones pose deadly hazards in Missouri and elsewhere. An apparently negligent driver recently caused the death of a worker in a construction zone in another state. This tragic construction accident took place on a recent Thursday afternoon. Paramedics transported the SUV driver to a medical facility for treatment of injuries of unknown severity. However, that will not ease the trauma of the deceased worker’s surviving family members.

According to a law enforcement spokesperson, the driver was a 34-year-old woman who crashed through the protective barricade at the construction area. Her SUV then struck the bridge support, causing it to become airborne. It traveled an estimated distance of 20 yards through the air before landing on top of a construction worker.

The 55-year-old employee died at the accident scene. The car struck him while he was working on the support structure of the bridge. Authorities mentioned that there appeared to be no evidence of the driver applying her brakes to prevent the tragedy, and the investigation into this fatal workplace accident might result in manslaughter or murder charges.

In the meantime, a family must adjust to life without the loved one who tragically died in this construction accident. This family, like others in similar circumstances in Missouri, can ease the unanticipated financial burden by filing a death benefits claim with the workers’ compensation insurance program for their state. Along with compensation to assist with settling the bills related to end-of-life arrangements, the dependents may receive a wage-replacement package to help them deal with day-to-day expenses. In addition, a separate wrongful death claim may be filed against the SUV driver in civil court.

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