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Transport company agrees to improve workplace safety

Forklifts pose life-threatening hazards to workers in different industries nationwide, including in Missouri. A cargo and freight business with outlets in 26 states has to pay more than $165,000 in penalties for safety hazards related to forklifts. The company has apparently reached a settlement agreement to improve workplace safety at more than 100 of its sites.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration stated that its action against the company started in 2015 when inspectors identified multiple dangerous vehicles at some of the company’s facilities. These powered industrial vehicles and forklifts were unsafe due to damage and defects. As part of OSHA’s agreement with the cargo company, the company must remove all these damaged vehicles from service at all its branches.

OSHA says a plan was made to carry out a systematic review of all the locations according to a timetable and included detailed steps to assess the implementation of the settlement agreement. A third party monitor will also obtain feedback from employees that will be included in the compliance reports that will be sent to OSHA. The federal safety agency says if other businesses with multiple hazards at different worksites take similar action to eliminate hazards, workplace safety can improve nationwide.

Thousands of injured employees file claims for workers’ compensation benefits every year. The insurance system provides peace of mind to workers in Missouri and elsewhere who were victims of neglected workplace safety. The program provides financial relief to cover the costs of medical expenses, lost income and more — depending on the severity and type of workplace injury suffered. If lives are lost on-the-job, surviving family members may file death benefits claims for compensation of end-of-life expenses and wage-replacement packages.

Source: powderbulksolids.com, “Central Transport Agrees to OSHA Forklift Safety Measures“, Dec. 7, 2016