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Industrial accident claims life of 63-year-old manager

Workers in Missouri factories typically face safety hazards related to equipment, and strict compliance with federal safety regulations are required to prevent workplace injuries. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has launched an investigation into a fatal industrial accident in a neighboring state. The agency will determine whether this man’s death was the result of a safety violation.

Reportedly, emergency workers received an alert shortly after midday on a recent Thursday about a serious workplace injury. The victim was an employee of a company that produces various cleaning materials. Firefighters rushed to the scene but found that the victim had succumbed to his injuries before they arrived.

According to a preliminary incident report by OSHA, the victim was a 63-year-old man who was the manager of the plastics division at the facility. Under circumstances that the investigators will attempt to determine, the victim was pulled into a molding machine. The injuries caused by the machine apparently caused his death. These are only suspicions, and a full investigation will follow.

It is not known whether the molding machine that caused the fatal injuries was fitted with safeguarding or a device to isolate energy. Regardless of who was at fault, the surviving family members of any deceased victims of an industrial accident in Missouri or elsewhere may pursue financial relief through the workers’ compensation insurance system of their state. The insurance program typically offers death benefits that cover end-of-life expenses. Furthermore, the deceased worker’s covered dependents will likely receive a wage-replacement package to assist with their daily living expenses for a given period after the tragedy.

Source: kwch.com, “OSHA investigating after man dies in industrial accident in Great Bend“, Nov. 17, 2016