On Your Side After An Injury

Construction worker survives severe electric shock

Many company owners in Missouri and elsewhere fail to recognize the importance of safety training. Every construction worker must be informed of the potential hazards of his or her job, and training must be provided to equip employees with knowledge of how to protect themselves against these dangers. Failure to teach employees the dangers of basics, such as not to mix electricity and water, is unacceptable.

A worker in a neighboring state was fortunate to be saved by a police officer. He was cutting concrete with an electric saw while he was apparently standing in a pool of water. The man suffered a severe shock, and another worker tried to get the unconscious man out of the water. When this man was also shocked, he stopped his efforts and managed to get out of the water.

Fortunately, the incident occurred close to a police station, and two officers came to the aid of the victim who appeared to have no heartbeat when they arrived. They used a strap made of canvas to pull the man out of the water and performed chest compressions in an attempt to get the man to breathe. A defibrillator was then used to stabilize him before he was rushed to a hospital by an emergency crew.

Whenever a construction worker suffers injuries in a workplace accident, compensation for unexpected medical expenses can be pursued. The Missouri workers’ compensation insurance program allows injured workers to file benefits claims. Along with coverage for all medical expenses related to the injury, the insurance will also cover lost income for those whose injuries caused absences from work.

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