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General Dollar cited for violations of federal safety regulations

All employees in Missouri, even those working in retail stores, have the right to safe workplace environments. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes safety regulations specifically for the protection of workers in retail environments. Violations of federal safety regulations can lead to substantial penalties for the business owner.

One Dollar General store owner in Missouri may have to pay almost $98,000 after an inspection by OSHA. It is alleged that the safety of employees and customers was jeopardized. A spokesperson for the safety agency said this is one of several retail stores that have been found disregarding prescribed safety regulations.

The most serious violation identified was the obstructions found blocking exits. It was determined that emergency exits could not be accessed in cases of emergency. Further hazards were present where carts containing merchandise were blocking doors, and boxed merchandise was found in the aisle ways. OSHA says Dollar General stores nationwide have been cited for safety violations in excess of 100 times since 2010.

Apart from being trapped in a building in emergencies such as fires, retail workers also face fall and struck-by hazards if merchandise is not safely stacked in store rooms and on the shop floors. Violations of federal safety regulations can bring about injuries the can result in high medical expenses and extended periods away from work. The financial implications of such injuries can be devastating, especially if families are relying on the injured persons’ income. Fortunately, benefits may be claimed from the workers’ compensation insurance program that will cover these financial losses.

Source: kfvs12.com, “Southeast MO Dollar General facing nearly $98,000 fine by OSHA”, Alycia Dobrinick, Sept. 7, 2016